About PiHub:

“Beyond operating a marketplace, PiHub spans an entire ecosystem of utilities.” - PiHub

PiHub is a Nigerian based company whose primary goal is to encourage the global adoption of Pi digital currency as an acceptable medium of exchange. PiHub has developed a multi-functional third-party utility ecosystem called PiHub.

The PiHub multi-functional utility ecosystem is built on top of the Pi Network using the Pi Network SDK to provide pioneers an all round utility service. The PiHub houses the PiMall, PiPay, PiEx, PiBlog, and the PiLocator.

The PiMall is a decentralized multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace developed to host merchants who desire to exchange their products and services across the world with Pi digital currency.

PiPay is a payment gateway developed by PiHub to encourage mass adoption. Here merchants can copy and integrate the PiPay API on their online stores which enables them to accept Pi as payment for their products and services.

PiEx is a decentralized exchange developed to allow people to exchange Pi digital currency directly to their local fiat currency or other digital assets.

In line with our goal to create awareness and encourage global adoption, PiHub developed the PiBlog. The PiBlog is a site with the primary purpose of bringing information about Pi to the world thus encouraging mass adoption.

In developing continent such as Africa, very few people make use of online marketplaces. The PiLocator uses geolocation system to alert pioneers of local offline stores accepting Pi as payment.

At PiHub, we are always looking for the best ways to integrate technology into our daily lives. In the future, Pihub intends to expand her services to cover other industries using the most innovative technology of our time – The Blockchain.

PiHub is a multi-functional Utility App. The PiHub project is as follows:
  • PiEx (Pi Exchange).
  • PiMall (An E-Commerce site and App where Pioneers can list their products and services for sale).
  • PiPay (A payment gateway for merchants accepting Pi for goods and services).
The PiHub project team will in the future add other utility services as we endeavour to cover every area of life with Pi, serving as means of exchange.

Pihub : Creating a better world.

PiEx (Pi Exchange):

PiEx is a decentralized exchange, but with Pi as the native token/coin.

On PiEx, Pioneers will be able to exchange/trade their Pi Currency directly to fiat and other crypto asset. PiEx will offer a P2P Exchange on its platform, thereby easing the use of Pi as a good means of transaction without any glitch or constraint whatsoever.


PiMall will allow pioneers to take their products online and the PiMall will help link sellers with buyers in a peer-to-peer or direct marketing method similar to Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress.


PiPay is a payment gateway where Pioneers can integrate the PiPay API to their website to accept payment in Pi.

Team Pihub:
  1. J. J. Dayo. Co-Founder and CEO
  2. R. UgwuJah. Co-Founder and COO
  3. A. P. ALLISON. Co-Founder, CMO/HBD
  4. O. S. Omoge. Co-Founder and CTO
  5. M. E. Ogbeide. Co-Founder and CFO
  6. Motolani. Legal Adviser and Secretary
  7. J. Jacob. CIO
  8. C. C. Anene. HR

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